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This is super cool! Been enjoying it a lot.

Small thing, I seem to have managed to crash it? Opened this chest here and it just stopped responding. Time won't move, and I can't interact with anything.

Glad that you're enjoying the game, but sad that a bug crashed it for you. I've got a few questions - sorry if they seem really basic, but they'll help me narrow down the problem.

1) Were you playing with a downloaded version? There might be some logs I could look into for greater detail.

2) You're saying the storage screen was unresponsive, correct? You weren't able to move any of the inventory items or press Space to exit the screen?

3) Was this your first time this game in the "shadow cookie" room? (That's what I call the shadowy circle in this room.) Was this your first time on Day 11 in the shadow cookie room? If you were in this room before, did you access the chest?

4) Did you play multiple games of this straight, and the bug happened on a latter (i.e., not the first) playthrough?

5) Did you use any potions earlier on Day 11?


1- This was the browser version, unfortunately.

2- That is correct. I couldn't move items around, or close the storage. It just wasn't responding at all.

3- This was the second time I had been in the room, and the second time that day. I had entered briefly, left, and almost immediately returned. I did not access the chest on the first visit.

4- No, this was my very first playthrough

5- I had used a potion that turned me into a sheep. I was still in sheep form the first time I entered the room, exited, and then reentered once the potion wore off.


Alright, I was able to reproduce the bug! On reloading the room, the chest was being added to to a Dictionary twice -  this caused the freeze on interacting with the chest. The other rooms don't have the same issue.

I'll be able to get a fix up today - just gotta add a little polish to another feature I've been working on. Thanks for the bug reporting, Yirggzmb!


Hey, you're welcome! I'm just glad it was reproduceable.


Delightfully charming and addictive. The leaderboard is a fun challenge :)


I might be biased but this is by far the best farming-based roguelike I have ever played!

I love the game and I am litterally amazed on how talented a solo developer is. Like why lol. Keep up the good work

Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoy the work, and I hope that you'll have fun with the new updates I've got planned :)


One thing I found was that there is a collision bug in the top wall

Can you describe the bug a little more? I tried walking through the wall and wasn't able to.


So I am not completly sure how it happened, but I came at the top wall at an angle and was able to clip though it. I will see if I can send a screenshot

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Ok, so I repeated the glitch but sadly, before I could take a screenshot, it became nightime and I was sent back to my house. I think If you stand 3 blocks back from the wall, there is a chance that you can clip through the wall.  

Thanks for the information. I'm still not able to reproduce the bug. (I believe that it is happening! It's just hard to replicate these things sometime.) You mentioned that you were standing about three blocks south of the top wall - about where were you standing in the east / west direction?

I've gone ahead and changed Unity's Tilemap collider from "outline" mode to "polygon" mode. This'll get pushed out in the next update (today or tomorrow). I think this will solve the issue, but I'd like to reproduce the bug first so I can prove it. I do appreciate the bug report and the help :)

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