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Protect your caravan as it journeys through a dangerous desert! Take on new names to gain new abilities and face off against fearsome foes. Sell exotic goods in fantastical locations. Meet colorful characters and listen to their stories. Inspired by the classic One Thousand and One Nights, as well as the writings of Jorge Borges and Ted Chiang.

Caravana is a combat-focused 2D platformer with light trade management. The combat is paced and deliberate, inspired by the classic Dark Souls. Everything in this game, from the soundtrack to the pixel art, is a one-man effort.

Controls: Gamepad or WASD to move around the title screen, then press the A button or Enter key to confirm. There are in-game tutorial messages for the in-game controls. Azerty-friendly controls! Just switch it up on the title screen.

Bonus features:
Gif cam: press the "G" key or the left shoulder button to capture the last six seconds of gameplay in convenient .gif form! (Note: these .gif files are pronounced with a hard 'G'.)

The game evolved from a Ludum Dare 45 project (theme: Start With Nothing). It is currently in development, but the game is developed enough that I want to start getting feedback. If you check it out, let me know what you think! Comment here or follow me on Twitter @MoonroofStudios.

Install instructions

For Windows, unzip the file and run Caravana.exe.


Caravana Demo Windows 52 MB
Version 5 25 days ago

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