sleep.Walker is a short narrative game inspired by Citizen Sleeper. You wake up alone on a military spaceship and a strange voice starts telling you what to do.

We hope to open-source the 'framework' we've built with this game so that others may use the same mechanics to tell stories of their own. Stay tuned for more details!

sleep.Walker was built as part of the Tiny Mass Games project, a game dev collective focused on making polished short-form games on two-month timelines. You can check out other TMG games at

sleep.Walker had a team of four people working on it -
Jeff Campbell -
Alex Crowley -
Joshua Galecki -
Paige Wynn  -

Development log


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joshua this is amazing. I loved Within the Dead, and now there's a story-based game? I'm surprised. and that plot twist...., its just awesome


Thanks! We had a lot of fun writing the twist and playing around with player expectations. I'm glad you enjoyed it :D


yes! awesome job!