Joshua Galecki

A vertical cyberpunk citybuilder
You wake up alone on a spaceship and an AI is telling you what to do...
Role Playing
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A tiny 4X game inspired by Majesty.
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A roguelike and farm sim walk into a bar...
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Tunnels, traps and treachery! Local multiplayer released for Xbox 360 in 2011.
A combat-focused platformer set in exotic lands
A game for Ludum Dare 45

Video Game Book Club

Games we've podcasted on at . Some of these we played before we started recording and releasing episodes, but you can bet that anything here is worth a conversation

Racial Justice Bundle Reading List

These are games in the Racial Justice Bundle that I'm interested in checking out. As I play through them, I'll move my recommendations to my other collections.

Racial Justice Bundle Recommendations

These are games in the Racial Justice Bundle that I recommend to other gamers.